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Uplifting Pets, Pet Parents, Fosters, and Shelters

Psalm 91:4  He will cover you with His Feathers, and under  His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

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About Us

Uplifting Pets, Pet Parents, Shelters & Fosters

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to ministering to the needs of hurting pets and their families. We do our utmost to lend spiritual support, guidance, counsel, information* and do all we can to help people know that there is a community that cares about your pet situation whatever it may be. For 5 years we have provided the sole support for this ministry; as a 501(c)(3) you are now able to join us in this effort with a tax deductible donation.

Learn more about Prayers for Pets from this recent Blog Interview with Talk to the Paw’s Anita Chaplin.

History of Prayers for Pets

Caren and Victor’s Story:

Prayers for Pets was born November 29, 2011. Victor and I had written our first book: Jack the Dog: And his Boy a few months before. Victor had begun a Facebook page (JacktheDog) which I took over when he got a full time job that year. I was trying to get to know the dog pages on FB and promote our new book. What I saw on the dog pages broke my heart. There was so much suffering and misery with nothing to counteract. God put it on my heart to do something about it, and the idea for Prayers for Pets was born.**carenandvictor

I helped put Victor through Seminary In the early 80’s. At the first church he pastored I became very sick and permanently disabled. It was not until 25 years later that we learned I had been suffering from Lyme Disease. Victor pastored one more church, then had to leave full time ministry to find a job that could pay for the expensive medical care. We raised two children and Victor built a successful business as a General Contractor; in 2010 God called us to write the book we had been working on composing for nearly a decade. Jack the Dog: And his Boy was based on sermon illustrations Victor had used as a pastor involving lessons learned from “the dog who raised him”.

Jack the Dog Amazon #1, Award winning book
Jack the Dog Amazon #1, Award winning book

I have had severe disabilities with my voice and hands since 1987, so I have to guard my work output carefully. About 6 months after beginning Prayers for Pets we were both diagnosed with Lyme Disease. We began treatment in July of ’12. Victor got so sick that he had to quit his job and went on disability. I got so sick I had a heart attack, but Prayers for Pets (Facebook page) was a commitment and a passion, I would not let the pets and people down whom I served with joy. As sick as I have been over these five years, I have rarely missed a day of posts. Victor nearly died twice as he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in ’15, but the ministry continued. You, our pet community mean so much to us; we are a virtual family.

Festus the Blind Chi Resuce Dog
Festus the Blind Chi Resuce Dog

In the past five years of ministry we have:

  • Counseled 100’s of people through disease, lost pets, behavior problems, and crossing “the bridge”.
  • We have helped to re-home pets.  We have a great network of people who really care and are willing to go that extra mile.
  • Produced a video called Pets, Animals and Heaven which has helped 1,000’s of people with the loss of a pet.
  • Prayed and counseled through personal and natural disasters.
  • Helped set up fund pages for members of the community.
  • Discipled many in the ways of Christ and how to follow Him.
  • Encouraged 1,000’s of people and pets around the world. Note the many different languages that we are in! We have made special arrangements for the original Facebook page (below) and now this website is available in most languages.


  • Produced a Public Service Announcement for Lyme Disease for radio.pfp-book-view-150px
  • Written a book, Prayers for Pets about some of the stories from the page. (The Amazon link gives more info as a free read about this unique outreach.)
  • Been a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on for 100’s.
  • Encouraged shelter workers and countless others who work with pets.

Our purpose is to:  Help pets, pet parents, fosters and shelters. Our mission: We exist to glorify the God of the Universe and to show His marvelous work among His creation. You will find hope and a home here.

Victor and I, Caren, will bend over backwards to help you, or find you the help you need. And we will always, always pray for you. We will pray for your pets. We are: Prayers for Pets. <3 Caren


We have a heart to give out, most of what we do is provided to you at no charge with no questions asked, however, if you would like to give back so that you and others can continue to benefit- that would be great! There is no requirement, but giving helps us to be there when it is needed. Go to the donation if you care enough to help financially. Thank you so very much for all your encouragement (in any form you can). You will be helping to meet many serious and real needs. **We have run this ministry at our own cost for 5 years and it would be great if you can help out a bit.

Page Reviews:

stars-at-size Elisa Behling Campbell reviewed Prayers for Pets   August 23, 2016

This is a wonderful page and Caren is used by God to pray for our beloved pets and minister to us with the Word of God concerning them..It has been such a blessing to me and my 14 year old Pomeranian..I cannot say enough about her ..God Bless you Caren and all that you do for all of us <3

 stars-at-size Jamie Gordon reviewed Prayers for Pets  September 24, 2016
3 almost 4 years ago I almost lost my best friend. My hope was gone. My faith was gone. I posted asking for prayers for my little Landon who was rushed to the emergency vet, he would soon lose his eye at that visit. For weeks the wonderful people on this page prayed for his recovery, giving him well wishes. Caren spoke to me every day about hanging in there. My little Landon did pull through. Losing his eye really opened my eyes. When in dark times you can look to others to restore your faith to help pick you up in your time of need. That’s exactly what everyone on this page did. Thank you!

stars-at-size D.a. Shkursky reviewed Prayers for Pets  September 11, 2016
During tough and scary times, when I had no one who understood my fear of losing my beloved rottweiler Walter, Caren and her page Prayers for Pets was there for me. These are truly good people here. Thank you for everything. Prayers work.

stars-at-size Joyce Hampton reviewed Prayers for Pets  September 11, 2016
I contacted this group after my friends dog went missing. They prayed, they shared and everyday asked for updates! This is a group that loves God and all animals. I cannot thank Caren enough for everything!

Margaret Ditty created this and posted it on her personal wall on Facebook:

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*Disclaimer: We are not medical or veterinary professionals, we are patient advocates. Having suffered with Lyme Disease (see “History of the Page” above) for nearly a lifetime, there are many conditions we are intimately acquainted with. We have also advised many in our community based on long experience with pets. When asked for advice we advise according to empirical experience. Any medical advice given should be checked by your Dr. or Vet.


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