After a year of confusing symptoms; Nexus was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday…

Nexus has had a rough year; now she’s on hospice for Cancer. Photo: Paula Valvo McAfee

PRAY FOR: Nexus, 8 yo. Lymphoma; Hospice. Lord Jesus we ask for Your mercy to be poured out on Paula and daughter Andraya as they adjust to the news that Nexus’s odd symptoms were due to cancer. Lymphoma is a word no one wants to hear. We ask that You would give Nexus the happiest life possible as mom and Grandma pour their love out on her. We ask that her transition would be an easy one; that she would remain comfortable and well loved as the princess she is. We know that You hate death even more than we do because You offered Your only Son to crush death eternally. We cling tightly to the promise that we will join Nexus again one day because of Your work on the cross. In the Name of Adonai hu kol-yachol, God is Sovereign over all. Amen. <3 Caren

Paula Valvo McAfee 3-25-20: We received the results of Nexus ultrasound and her test results today at the ER. And it confirmed our worst fear. She has cancer. Lymphoma to be specific. We had the choice of bringing her to a very expensive oncologist 2-3 times a week , which would have cost thousands of dollars , and would only “maybe” give her 5-6 months. Or bring her home and keep her comfortable with steroids and pain medication. With a lot of thought and processing, we chose the second option. The doctor assured she would be comfortable with the medication she gave her and she would not be in any discomfort. She told us to bring her home and spoil her and to keep her happy. (Cont. below)

My daughter went out today and bought her a nice fluffy bed, lots of treats and toys. We want her to be as comfortable as possible. We may only get a couple days, weeks or months. We don’t really know. We are all devastated, especially my grandsons. Please continue to pray for an easy transition for not only Nexus, but for my family as well, thank you for all the prayers. ❤️😞
Paula Valvo McAfee

Prayers for Pets
Oh Paula, I am so very sorry to see this! I can tell you though after what I have witnessed especially this past year with lymphoma I think that you have made the right decision. I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes. I have watched half a dozen dogs go through chemotherapy with lymphoma and I’m telling you it’s just not worth it. She will be better off with what you’re doing. I know this is tearing you apart but it’s the right thing to do, my dear.

But I know that doesn’t change the fact that you are grieving. I would like to post her on the website tomorrow. You need all the support you can get right now. What a load of trash just dumped on your head. Dear lady, I’m so sad for you 😔💗🙏 Caren
Paula Valvo McAfee
Yes please post her and thank you
Prayers for Pets
I will sweetheart. Nexus is such a beauty… please take a couple more pictures with more margin ok?

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