Al the Miracle Dog had Terminal Cancer: God Healed Him and Used these Supplements

This is a consolidation of cancer protocols which have been used and recommended by the owners of 4 of our celebrated dogs: Al the Miracle Dog, Shelby, Beau and Gander: Service Dog

AL 13yo WAS DX’D HEMANGIOSARCOMA (deadly liver/spleen cancer) Oct. 2015, he came to us having a Ruptured Spleen; Terminal on Hospice. He is now 1.5 years past his “due date”.  Our prayers have kept him alive, and God used these amazing supplements to heal him (see below).

Yuki Nagaoka 4-23-17: Hi Caren, supplements below are what Al takes (after 4 times of chemical treatment with doxorubicin)…My vet (he is a Japanese, but he said these supplements are all used in the states) recommends these for owners of pets who have cancers. * BioBran * Turkey-tale mushroom capsules like “I’m Yunity” (These might help strengthen the immune system of the animal. Should give 3 times amount of the suggested dose if the animal is with advanced cancer.) * Fish oil capsules (This might slows down the advance of hemangiosarcoma or other type cancers. Should contain DPA, also DHA and EPA are good for pets with cancers.) I’m Catholic, so I put a drop from the spring of Lourdes each meal of Al… Hope our experiences would work for other pets with cancers and their owners ❤

I’m Yunity Herbal Supplement:                                                                                                                                                                          

Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder:

Nordic Naturals Omega 3:


Season’s Unsalted Sardines in water:

Every dog and cat should be getting fish oil in some form or other. The Nordic Naturals brand is safest because of where it is sourced. Sardines are an even better way to deliver the Essential Fatty Acids pets need for good health because they are a food most pets love to eat plus they have amazing health benefits. They are one of the safest fish sources around because they are one of the smallest in the food chain; so they are less likely to contain toxic levels of mercury and radiation.

When our pets’ health begins to seriously dwindle, sometimes they will need more care than just supplements provide. Sometimes they will need some extra nutritional support especially during chemotherapy or long standing digestive disorders. If this describes your situation, please look into EmerAid as a resource. It was recommended to us by a mom with a dog who had Lymphoma.

If your pet has a tendency to become dehydrated (cats and the elderly are particularly prone). Please be aware of this remedy your Vet can provide you materials to use at home. This video is a “how to” for Sub-Q fluids
Shelby was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in February of 2019

Shelby’s cancer Regimen began 9 months ago. She is still going strong. Follow Shelby’s story by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage and enter her name, Shelby.

Gander is on hefty doses of herbs for Stage 4 Lung Cancer Photo: Gander: Service Dog FB page

Gander: Service Dog is a superhero who came down with Valley Fever several years ago. He has recently been diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer. He is on a heavy regimen of herbs hoping to give him more quality time before he has to say goodbye to his hero dad, Lon Hodge. See Gander’s story. Gander is being seen by the Internal Medicine Department of the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Medicine. Gander’s herbal protocol was designed at their recommendation.

Gander’s Protocol:

  • Yunnan Baiyao– for respiratory health this is designed for use in horses, your Vet would have to adjust dosage
  • Max3 Immune Booster supports natural killer cells
2 yo Beau had Terminal Oral Cancer that was growing into his sinuses and eye. Photo: Rachel Hartling Sealock

Rachel Hartling Sealock
We have been using Turkey Tail, 2 Chinese herbals: Dispel Stasis in the Palace of blood and Max’s formula. We also are on a regimen from McDowells Herbal treatments from Australia. I saw a big difference after the oils from Australia were begun. They do different blends for all different cancer types.

At Prayers for Pets we like to recommend products with which people and pets from our community have had good success. Please try* them and let us know how they work for your pet.

Life Gold has been recommended by many cancer parents. This recommendation came from a group member’s comment on Beau. Photo: screenshot

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