Amazon’s 7 top Pet Relaxants

Misty, Andy and Melrose (lt to rt) will be having a relaxing time on July 4th this year. They hope you will too. Photos: Penny Pucher, Amanda Chretien
1 PremiumCare Calming Chews

With the 4th of July nearing, our minds are on our pets as illegal fireworks abound even in normally quiet neighborhoods across the country. These are turbulent times. We are more tense this year; our pets pick up on our emotions and often reflect what we are feeling in their behavior.

While PrayersforPets1 does not recommend the use of substances on a regular basis for a pet’s nerves, at this time of year (and New Year’s) we make exceptions. We recommend that our people try a variety of means to calm their pets.

2 Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites

Some find “Thundershirts

ThunderShirt brand comes in XXSmall-XXLarge

or a tightly wrapped scarf DIY can help. Others use essential oils like lavender diffused into the air. Reading Scripture aloud or playing it on your app. Playing calming music, worship songs are especially helpful for this. If the songs contain Scripture; God’s Word is powerful to quiet any restless soul, be it human or animal.

3 NaturVet – Quiet Moments Calming Aid for Dogs, Cats – Plus Melatonin

When these strategies become exhausted, we find ourselves in need of something supplemental. That is where these products can be handy to keep in the house. Listed from the 1st most popular to the 7th on Amazon:

4 Adaptil Calm on-the-go-collar for Dogs (produces calming pheromones)
5 Bach Rescue Remedy Natural Homeopathic Stress Relief Drops for Pets
6 VetriScience Laboratories Composure for small Dogs, larger Dogs, Cats
7 Adaptil Dog Calming Diffuser Kit (pheromones) Cat

We hope you are able to use one of these resources this 4th of July for a calmer, quieter household. Learn more information about natural ways to calm your pet.