Lulu has had a rocky road – 2 surgeries in 2 days, vomiting on chemo

Some of the conversations below are duplicated due to immense technical difficulties. If you read the same section twice, just skip past it to the new material below it <3 Caren PRAY FOR: Lulu, 14 yo. Splenectomy, Hemangiosarcoma. Lord Jesus You know how much this family has suffered with 2 senior Dachshunds with cancer over […]

Sophie’s rare heart tumor has shrunk after 6 radiation treatments!

PRAY FOR/UPDATE 4-3-20: Sophie, 14 yo., Chemodectoma (heart tumor). Lord Jesus we are so grateful to You for shrinking Sophie’s tumor through the radiation treatments. Thank You that they were gentle to her skin, and seemed to renew her body. At 14 yo, she has been feisty with an appetite, and loving her life again. […]

To PTS or not to PTS (Put to Sleep), that is the question

Victor Brodt, MDivI wanted to carefully and hopefully compassionately try to address some issues revolving around coming to a decision to put a beloved pet down. We know that many of our members are not financially equipped to go to extreme measures. Most of them in fact desire to do so but they simply cannot. […]

Oreo Girl is blind/nearly deaf, needs to be left alone for Ultrasound today

PRAY FOR: Oreo Girl, 13 yo. Atypical Cushing’s, Heart Disease (blind and nearly deaf). Lord Jesus we thank You that Oreo Girl has remained with mom Bonnie after their scare last August. Thank You that she continues to have wakeful times in the evening to play. We ask that this Ultrasound will guide the Vets […]

Lola’s chemo didn’t help, she is refusing food; Mom Delia tried everything

PRAY FOR: Lola, 9 yo. Fibrosarcoma. Lord Jesus You know the heartache mom Delia and Lola have suffered since August with this enormous mass growing unabated in Lola’s abdomen. We ask for a miracle, Lord. We know that if it is Your will, You can do all things. Please be gracious to reverse this tumor […]

Marley has been fighting Lymphoma for a year, pray it does not win

Marley has been fighting Lymphoma for a year, pray it does not win

PRAY FOR: Marley, 5 yo. Lymphoma. Lord Jesus we ask that You would be gracious to mom Amanda and Marley. Thank You that Marley has survived for the past year with this nasty disease. We ask that You would infuse Marley’s body with Your healing power. We know that You created Marley and we ask […]

After a year of confusing symptoms; Nexus was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday…

PRAY FOR: Nexus, 8 yo. Lymphoma; Hospice. Lord Jesus we ask for Your mercy to be poured out on Paula and daughter Andraya as they adjust to the news that Nexus’s odd symptoms were due to cancer. Lymphoma is a word no one wants to hear. We ask that You would give Nexus the happiest […]

Little One was just given 6 mos to live, Jim and Pam are distraught

UPDATE: Jim Cummins 3-26-20: Jim Cummins We think he’s doing better! Don’t seem to be coughing as bad or as long! Thank you and God Bless you all! PRAY FOR: Little One, 12 yo. CHF (Chronic Heart Failure) Lord Jesus You know Little One’s family history of heart disease. We ask that You would be […]