Calcio, seemed to be beating Lymphoma when it came roaring back…

PRAY FOR: Calcio, 5 yo. Lymphoma. Lord Jesus You know the fleeting hope this family had when Calcio had a short lived remission. This second course of chemo was a disaster for this boy. We ask that You would be gracious to enable the third course to be effective to put Calcio’s Lymphoma into a […]

Bailey seems depressed, uninterested in life, battling Valley Fever

PRAY FOR: Bailey 4 yo. Valley Fever (systemic fungal infection). Lord Jesus You know the battle that Bailey has been fighting to regain her body from the fungus. Please help dad Danny to take whatever steps necessary to bring her out of this condition. We ask that the medication would continue to work to be […]

Chicky’s cough just won’t go away; mom Shai is concerned

PRAY FOR: Chicky, 10 yo. Chronic cough. Lord Jesus You know how disturbing this cough is for Chicky and mom Shai. We ask that You would be gracious to heal Chicky’s lungs completely. Please calm her coughing. Help mom Shai to find ways to soothe Chicky’s body to quiet the cough. Give her the wisdom […]

Otis (dog) has an infected tooth which can’t come out until Feb, his life story is AMAZING

PRAY FOR: Otis, 7 yo. Lord Jesus we ask that You would quiet the infection and relieve Otis’s pain until the tooth is removed. Thank You for providing him a loving home after he was plucked from near death by mom Jacqueline 7 years ago. He was redeemed from the pit of Hell and has […]