Victor Brodt

Some works Free/ In Print E-books Also JacktheDog on FB or Google my name. Please, check us out and contact us for further works, artwork, good fun, and opportunities. This is not an effort for promotion purposes, but a passion to see others truly encouraged to discover the very best life has to offer.

List of Good products

This is a start of items that are solid products, the links help Prayers for Pets so please use these. This would help the 501 c 3 and not cost you anything, it will save money on superior products. PfP gets a small amount that basically thanking the provider for advertising. Whether you realize it […]

***URGENT*** Pray for Sophie

URGENT!!! PRAY FOR SOPHIE. Major Surgery Complications. Lord Jesus we thank You that Kathy and family have taken Sophie off of the street in order to care for her dire needs. Please bless their efforts and heal her very complex herniated uterus, bladder and intestines. Keep the sutures in place and enable Sophie to heal […]