Can a pet be your soulmate?

Wolves bonding to each other apart from their pack

Victor Brodt, MDiv

Yes, there is a definite special bonding of souls; this certainly includes non-humans and it runs more deeply than commonly recognized. Many wonder why grief hits so hard. Some think that we cannot make ‘close’ bonds because they’re ‘only’ animals. The mistaken belief that animals don’t really count causes needless confusion; from therapy horses to a little boy’s first puppy, the truth is creatures in our lives have a profound impact. They can bring joy, purpose and healing. They can sometimes touch our souls. After intensive investigation, I have concluded that the distortion which discounts the value of souls and ‘soulish creatures’ comes from culture at it’s worst, not at all from God’s Word.

This all fits perfectly when you see it His way. You have been designed from the start, with a need to bond; to love and be loved. AND to find comfort in the Greatest Lover of your soul. Do not be fooled; bitterness and anger are not your friends. Missing a special friend is hard, and sometimes you feel like you want shake your fist or to say “never again,” but the soul remains hollow when you carry on while denying your deepest needs. You need to love, and you are designed to receive love…

Do not sell yourself short; your soul needs permission and understanding. Even if you try to believe its only minor, challenges like this require some big adjustments.

Take the time to view some of the things we offer. I truly believe it will help. Connect with us, stay with us. There’s so much to learn.   

We firmly believe that animals are in heaven

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