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Honey is in pain, she needs double ACL surgery. Dad John is struggling

PRAY FOR: Honey 12 yo. Double ACL tears. Lord Jesus we ask that You would help dad John to determine the best way to proceed to help Honey. If surgery is necessary, we ask that You would provide a way to make that happen. Give him Your wisdom and discernment to tend to Honey’s needs. […]

Mom Denise fulfills Shelby’s bucket list as the tumor continues to grow…

PRAY FOR: Shelby 6 yo. Fibrosarcoma. Lord Jesus we continue to uplift mom Denise and Shelby as they fight the growth of this tumor. Thank You that the treatment has turned the tumor from ‘fast growing’ to slow growing. Bless Denise in her efforts to give Shelby her bucket list. Enable them to continue to […]

List of Good products

This is a start of items that are solid products, the links help Prayers for Pets so please use these. This would help the 501 c 3 and not cost you anything, it will save money on superior products. PfP gets a small amount that basically thanking the provider for advertising. Whether you realize it […]

Duncan is home, mom Debbie is working hard to heal the Pancreatitis. He’s less depressed.

PRAY FOR: Duncan 2 yo. Severe Pancreatitis had been URGENT! Lord Jesus we thank You that mom Debbie is able to care for this big boy at home near his brothers and wonderful menagerie of animals (2 Alpacas, other dogs and cats). Please use this wonderful environment to lift his spirits and to heal his […]

URGENT! Duncan was struck overnight with Pancreatitis- in ER with severe pain

URGENT! PRAY FOR: Duncan 2 yo. Lord Jesus we ask that You would heal Duncan of this painful attack. Give the Drs. wisdom to treat him appropriately and relieve his pain quickly. Help mom Debbie to know that he is getting the utmost best care. We ask that Duncan would recognize her when he sees […]

Charlie was on IVs for 4 days with Pancreatitis, mom Darlene is scared

PRAY FOR: Charlie 10 yo. Post Operative Pancreatitis. Lord Jesus You know how very difficult Charlie’s illness has been not only for Charlie, but for mom Darlene as well. Charlie has been a support to mom Darlene for her illness. We ask that You would give wisdom to the Vets in treating this complicated disease. […]