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Was **URGENT**, RUSSELL Cardiac Arrest, prayer got him thru

Was **URGENT**, RUSSELL Cardiac Arrest, prayer got him thru

UPDATE: RUSSELL 12yo Bleeding Tracheal Tumor, Bad reaction to Anesthesia. Lord Jesus we thank You for bringing Russell back to mom Lisa after this major scare yest. He is not expected to make it much further, but we know that is up to You and no man. We ask that Your will would be done […]


**URGENT!!** PRAY FOR RUSSELL 12yo Pug Bad Reaction to anesthesia, bleeding tumor surg., Possible blindness. Lord Jesus we ask for mercy for Russell right now. Bring Russell out of this reaction, normalize his vitals. We ask for healing for his eyes and from the surg. w/o further complications. In the Name of Adonai Rapha. God […]

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