Charlie was on IVs for 4 days with Pancreatitis, mom Darlene is scared

Charlie is suffering with post operative Pancreatitis. Photo: Darlene Travis

PRAY FOR: Charlie 10 yo. Post Operative Pancreatitis. Lord Jesus You know how very difficult Charlie’s illness has been not only for Charlie, but for mom Darlene as well. Charlie has been a support to mom Darlene for her illness. We ask that You would give wisdom to the Vets in treating this complicated disease. Help mom Darlene to function well for Charlie’s sake. Strengthen her and give her the peace that only You can give. We ask for complete healing for this dear boy. Give them hope today with his Vet appointment. Help mom Darlene to know that You are the God of hope, and that she can trust in You. In the Name of Adonai Rapha. Amen. <3 Caren

Darlene Travis 10-7-19 This is my boy, Charlie. He has had bouts of pancreatitis and slightly elevated enzymes, which has been lowered with lowered with meds. He had surgery for removal of benign fatty tumor in March and in May these issues surfaced. He goes back for retest of enzymes on Monday. I have learned these things are common after a surgery. […] he had to have IV’s 4 days. The last day I broke down in tears bc I was mentally and physically exhausted. He is my emotional support pet […]. I believe God sent him to me when I lost my other yorkie. Charlie is the reason I get up in the morning. Now, the vet is recommending an ultrasound and my fear is it might show something that can’t be cured. (Cont. below)

Darlene Travis

Sometimes, I wonder if not knowing is the best option. I can’t express how worried I was last week and emotional[…]. Vets are very intimidating to me. I had no one to talk with about this last week, felt so alone and paralysed. Please pray for me and Charlie, and offer any advice to my thoughts if allowed. Thank you. I am so afraid and just want the happiness back in our lives.

Taken from Prayers for Pets Group
Taken from Prayers for Pets Group, Need Answers?