Community comes together and gives “Katie” a Christmas miracle

“Katie” a rescue from Hurricane Florence was lost, now found by volunteers. Photo: WHDH

WAKEFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) – A Wakefield dog that was rescued from Hurricane Florence and later went missing has been found and is back home for the holidays.

Don and Sandy Webber said they didn’t know if they’d ever see their 11-month-old beagle, Katie, ever again. The dog went missing two weeks ago after it came off its leash outside their home.

“I tried to step on the lead, and as soon as I stepped on the lead, she was gone,” Sandy said.

Then the Webbers reached out to Missing Dogs Massachusetts, an all-volunteer organization that works to reunite missing dogs with their families.

The group immediately went to work, canvassing the town with flyers and spreading the word on social media.

“The Wakefield community was absolutely unbelievable with calling in the sightings, sharing all the flyers,” said Missing Dogs Massachusetts volunteer Julie Orsillo.

Then, on Sunday, there was a break. Katie was spotted walking along some railroad tracks and soon after ended up in a resident’s back yard.

“The guy says, ‘We have Katie,’” Don Webber recalled. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Sandy said, “And she just came up the street, went in their yard, and they had dogs so the dogs were barking like crazy. So the guy came out to see what was going on, and there she was sitting there.”

Katie was a little worse for wear. It appeared she had been attacked by an animal.

But after a trip to the vet for treatment, she’s safe and sound back at home, just in time for Christmas.

“The town is unanimously calling this the Christmas Miracle of Wakefield this year with Katie coming home,” said Missing Dogs Massachusetts volunteer Lori O’Keefe.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help offset Katie’s veterinary costs.

Credit: 7News WHDH