“Daisey” does Not have a Brain Tumor, but Encephalitis

“Daisey” was abandoned due to her queer gait and serious spinal problems. Mama Monica rescued her.

PRAY FOR: Daisey 8yo. Encephalitis (brain inflammation)- spinal problems, Unknown cause of Encephalitis. Waiting for Cerebrospinal Fluid Tap for diagnosis. Heavenly Father we come before You asking for a good prognosis for little Daisey. Thank You that she has made her way to Mama Monica who adores her. This poor creature has been shunned by her original owners and nearly lost her life because of this unknown disease. We ask for Your hand of mercy to be upon little Daisey. If You have given her to Monica to love for a long or short season; may it be full of joy for The Weiner Palace family. Fill their home with Your peace and hope. In the Name of Adonai Rohi. God our Shepherd. Amen. <3 Caren

Below is the conversation between Monica (Queen of the Weiner Palace) and Caren of Prayers for Pets1 over the past 2 days of praying for Daisey’s condition:

Monica: So weird.i got a message from my vet saying MRI wasn’t at all what they expected so they’re doing a csf tap. Could be good thing or a bad thing, haven’t heard back yet

PfP: Really? Wow, straight to the heart of it
THURS 15:23

Monica: So they ruled out brain tumor. Leaning towards encephalitis now. Waiting for final csf results
PfP: Good news I hope? OK, good to know

Monica: Yeah all the vet’s seemed happy that it wasn’t a brain tumor so I’m going with that!
PfP: 🤗😍🎁🍻

Monica: Still hoping to hear more tonight from my vet. Daisey is the sweetest little dog
PfP: Ok, ya, your vet has clearly been the gold standard [Cont. below…]

Isaiah 40:11 He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.

[Cont.: Monica: Yep and she was happy about it so hopefully it’s something we can fix. She’s already been through so much stress and she’s not that old

Help Daisey

PfP: Stress is a killer, hopefully it’s being reversed with kindness at this point. Could you please summarize this and post it on her post? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1786610344765359&id=182691358490607

We have three quarters of a million eyes on prayersforpets1.org these days not as many post comments for some reason as they used to but we have a lot of people who see the posts

Monica: Will do. Thanks!

PfP: Thanks for posting the comment I will watch it today to see how much attention it gets; if it doesn’t get enough I will want to do a separate post which would need another picture for tomorrow. 💗

Monica: Ok. Just messaged my vet earlier. Still waiting in car results but they’re pretty positive that it’s encephalitis rather than lymphosarcoma. Then to determine whether it’s immune mediated or due to an infection.
PfP: Hopefully infection? She hadn’t had any recent vaccines had she? I hope it’s not GME.

Monica: I don’t recall but she did have reactions twice before to her vaçcines
PfP: Have you looked up gme / nme? Are you familiar with it? You can look Cricket up on prayersforpets1.org and fb page to find Cricket’s story. her mom began a support group. If you look at the website articles I usually tied the link for her group into the stories
PrayersforPets1.org – Uplifting Pets, Pet Parents, Fosters, and Shelters
Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with His Feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
I really hope it’s not that

Monica: Me too, nor lymphosarcoma . I just messaged my vet about her vaçcine reactions including the seizure. It’s like putting together a puzzle

PfP: Hmmm……

PfP: New pic? I’ve got a busy a.m., would like to work on it tonight if possible
I just grabbed this from your wall, looks good to me 😉 OH cute!!! I’ll add that too, even better! What a sweetie She feeling any better tonight? Looks good here

Monica: She does seem to be feeling better tonight. Ate some dinner and has been on one of our laps all night
PfP: Does she have an odd walk?

Monica: This is the first day we had her. She’s not walking much now although we’re using a sling to get her up and moving
PfP: This looks like Cricket… PLEASE either email this to me, or get me a link to this video. I’d really like to run this tomorrow. I can probably get over 1,000 eyes on this story if I have the video
Nevermind it just came up so I can grab it with my program
This really looks like Cricket and the problems she’s having with gme / nme please look into that. Margaret Ditty was crickets mom’s name

Monica: I’ll check it out.bi thought the analysis would be in by niw
PfP: They told you you get it tonight?

Monica: No I just thought it would be done by now. They drew it on Wednesday
PfP: Oh OK. I’m going to work on the post in video now, it takes a bit of doing. I will watch for updates. I already love this baby, I can see you’re crazy about her. So heartbreaking to watch them struggle like this Cricket’s dad made her a walker that she used very effectively. Look [at] Cricket Ditty, or look at my posts on GME/NME

Cricket Ditty suffered with GME/NME with support from Prayers for Pets1 for a year and a half before she went home to heaven. Her Mom Margaret Ditty began a Facebook support group and website. Both are linked to the articles on Prayers for Pets1.

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