Does Your Pet Suffer from Arthritis? Inflammation?

Does your older dog seem stiff? Does your senior cat look longingly at the window ledge but declines to jump up to take a look outside? They could be suffering from Arthritis. A condition endemic to older pets especially those who are overweight, have had broken bones or hip dysplasia. Forty percent of our pets are overweight, the one most common reason a pet is likely to develop arthritis as they age. The condition is much more obvious with dogs than with cats. A dog will hesitate to jump in and out of the car, groan and show obvious signs of stiffness when standing. With cats, the signs of Arthritis are more subtle; but watch for them to become more reticent to jump onto high places as they did as a younger feline.

Turmeric powder- buy organic 1 lb online and put it into capsules (size 00), take up to 8/day. You can buy them premade. If stomach trouble, decrease dose.

Systemic Enzymes like Serrapeptase, and Interfase Plus are very effective. Must take 1 hour after meals or 2 hours. before. Enzymes should not cause problems, take them 3 times per day, can be taken twice daily. Breaks up systemic scar tissue.

Fish Oil: The least expensive way to meet their requirement is to feed them (no salt) sardines 3 times per week, if they won’t eat them we recommend this brand of capsules:

The reason I recommend it is because they are the highest quality Dr. recommended.  Pets require this if they don’t eat 3 servings of oily fish weekly, (we all do), it will also help with skin problems.


Carprofen NSAID used by Herb B. for Cocker Spaniel: DOSAGE FORM, ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION AND RECOMMENDED DOSAGE A. Dosage Form: Rimadyl is available as 25, 75, and 100 mg scored tablets. B. Route of Administration: Oral C. Recommended Dosage: The recommended dosage for oral administration to dogs is 2 mg/lb daily. The total daily dose may be administered as 2 mg/lb of body weight once daily or divided and administered as 1 mg/lb twice daily. Rimadyl Chewable Tablets are scored and the dosage should be calculated in half-tablet increments. Tablets can be halved by placing the tablet on a hard surface and pressing down on both sides of the score. Rimadyl Chewable Tablets are palatable and willingly consumed by most dogs. Tablets may be fed free choice or placed on food. Care should be taken to ensure that the dog consumes the complete dose.