“Fiona” Stolen Seeing Eye Dog- caught on tape

New Video may Shed Light on Stolen Dog Fiona

Was Seeing Eye dog stolen or rescued?

Was "Fiona" stolen or was she rescued??? This section of video was not used in the news story I posted yesterday. Thank you VO for sharing it with Prayers for Pets.

Posted by Prayers for Pets on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Video may Shed Light on Stolen Dog Fiona 

Updated 8-23-17 7:56 A.M. PST

Prayers for Pets has been given the original surveillance video posted by Kerri Tyler the night of the theft. The video shows that Fiona was running loose without a collar on the busy road in front of the property at  “SW OKC, Regina Ave. just South of Will Rogers Airport” according to Tyler’s Facebook post from August 20. The “thief” in question may have been a Good Samaritan rescuing the dog from injury on the busy road.

Public Information Officer Megan Morgan says: “This case is active but not yet assigned to a detective. When a detective sees the video he will be likely to investigate it soon after.” When asked about suspicions concerning the video Morgan said, “I can’t know for sure, but it looks like the video was edited to zoom in on the car after [the footage] was taken.”

Prayers for Pets wants only to see Fiona restored to her duty as a Seeing Eye dog and to the family who loves her. We are praying for all of the people and animals involved.  Please watch for updates. <3 Caren

OKLAHOMA CITY –An Oklahoma City family says their [seeing eye] dog [for her senior sibling] was stolen, and the owners have the alleged crime on camera.

Surveillance video of the Saturday dog napping showed the dog, a miniature silky wire haired Dachshund named Fiona, out near the road on Regina Avenue. The car, possibly a maroon Seabring convertible, pulled up. The driver opened her door, called Fiona over, grabbed her and took off.

Fiona’s owners said she had just been given a bath. They took off her collar to dry her when she was snatched.

They said if the woman was trying to rescue Fiona, she would have knocked on some doors instead of driving off.

“All she had to do is honk the horn or something,” owner Justin Tyler said. “We were literally right out back here. There’s houses across the street if she thought the dog belonged over there. It looks like she had bad intentions.”

What makes Fiona such a special dog is she is the seeing eye dog for the Tyler’s other dog, Fallin.

“She’s 16-years old and she’s deaf and blind and Fiona leads her around. We holler for her, she brings her to us. Now she’s lost. She don’t know where she’s at half the time,” Tyler said. “Fallin probably wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for Fiona because she was losing weight and just slept all the time.”

Owner Carrie Tyler added, “I’m telling you, Fiona kept her going and loved her and at night would clean her like she was cleaning her to tuck her into bed.”

The Tylers said Fallin misses her friend, and they miss the little dog who is such a big part of their family.

“It’s not a value thing, it’s a heart thing,” Justin Tyler said. “We need the dog back to complete us.”

Credit: News9, Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro family said a woman stole their dog from their driveway and the whole thing was caught on camera.

They said their dachshund, Fiona, was stolen Saturday while they were in the backyard.

A security camera on the house caught a woman in a red convertible pull into their driveway and approach their dog.

“She gets out, and she acts like she’s trying to be nice to the dog because there was a car passing her,” said Justin Tyler. “And, as soon as that truck passed her, she put her hand on her like that, mashed her into the ground, scooped her up, jumped up, handed her to the person in the car, closed the door and off they were gone.”

Tyler and his wife, Kerri, have filed a police report but said they are still fearing the worst. They worry Fiona will end up in a puppy mill.

“That’s horrible. Have you seen those places? It’s terrible,” said Kerri, breaking down in tears.

The couple is so desperate to get their dog back that they even made a sign and put it on their driveway. It has their phone number and even a description of the woman’s vehicle.

“I would say please bring my dog back home,” Kerri said. “She’s my dog. She knows she’s my dog. I’m her mom.”

Credit: News Channel 4, Oklahoma City (bottom article and video)

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Update 9-21-17:

“Fiona” was Stolen, Still Missing, Family Heartbroken, Reward