“Harlee’s” close call with 2 coyotes was caught on tape

“Harlee” (center) being chased by 2 coyotes Photo: Video capture WMUR9

A Litchfield family had a scary moment Monday morning when their dog encountered a pair of coyotes.

Doug Anderson said he let his two dogs outside about 8 a.m. and then heard Harlee, his 3-year-old, 55-pound pit bull in a panic

“My older dog came in, thought nothing of it, then heard the other one, Harlee, come running in screaming crying, so I knew something was going on,” Anderson said.

When Harlee came running into the house, Anderson ran outside and looked straight into the faces of two coyotes.

“Yeah, they were both kind of in the back edge of the property, kind of hanging around, looking up at her, or looking up at us,” Anderson said. “They weren’t small. It was interesting.”

He said couldn’t believe this close call as his dog scooted away without a scratch.

“Luckily she’s quick,” Anderson said. “I have had a trail camera right in the back there that picked up deer, skunks, porcupines and one coyote before, but that was a couple years ago.”

Anderson warned his neighbors after Harlee’s scary encounter and said he has GPS collars on his dogs.

“I’ll keep an eye out for them a little more, be prepared next time if something does come up in the yard like that. But I’ll definitely keep an eye on the dogs a little more,” Anderson said. “She’s a little solid one. She can definitely run fast, though.”

Credit: WMUR9