Is your dog’s “probiotic” CAUSING diarrhea? It likely happened to Andy and Misty

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Andy (lt) and Misty had months long problems with diarrhea. PrayersforPets1 was instrumental in their healing. Photo: Penny Pucher

If your dog has been on a course of antibiotics…

…(or other prescription meds) and develops persistent chronic diarrhea; read the account of Misty and Andy to see if these methods can be of help. The Vet recommended product, FortiFlora, seems to have caused the diarrhea to become chronic. Caren will be happy to consult with you as a Patient Advocate if necessary.

Misty and Andy’s story

Penny Pucher 1-30-20: My fur kids had chronic diarrhea but Prayers for Pets helped us fix it!
Just wanted to share this….
My furry love Misty got the runs the week before Thanksgiving. She saw her vet and was put on meds. He said to only feed her boiled chicken and rice. I did it for a week. She was better. Then I tried transitioning her to her dog food. She got the runs vomiting. She saw the vet again and went back on the same meds and back on chicken and rice. She got better then got the runs again. This would repeat several more times. She had 2 [more] vet visits for this also. some of the vomiting was occuring after the vet was closed. This was going on until New year’s. I contacted Caren and that’s when she sent me posts about the supplements.
Mean while, on Christmas Day Eve, my other dog Andy was limping. We went to the Dr Dr and found he pulled a muscle in his neck. He was put on 3 meds and crate rest. After he finished the meds, he started having the runs. Now Misty and he were both on boiled chicken and rice. I ordered both supplements that Caren recommend and put them on it. I kept the chicken and rice as their source of food till last week. I started increasing their dog food and decreased the rice. Now both are on 2/3 dog food with a spoonful of rice and a few scant pieces of chicken.
When Caren recommend the supplements, she told me to go off of anything the vet had me using and just use the supplements and the very basic boiled chicken and rice diet. She said if it works to let her know. I’m letting her know it worked!!!!

Below is the conversation Caren and Penny had regarding Misty and Andy’s chronic diarrhea. Both Misty and Andy had been on antibiotics or pharmaceuticals recently. Although Caren is not a Veterinary professional, she had struggled with gut issues for many years after two and a half years of IV antibiotic treatment. Caren decided enough was enough. Penny was at her wit’s end. After many Vet visits, products tried, extreme diets; Caren decided to make some strong recommendations to Penny as a Patient Advocate. As you can see in the conversation below; her recommendations “worked wonders”!:

A stool culture was not performed so we may never know if the E. Faecium was causing the chronic diarrhea. It is a likelihood that cannot be dismissed, however. Be cautious with probiotics, especially those from commercial dog food companies. This is the brand Penny used at PrayersforPets1’s instructions: VetriScience. The enzymes recommended and used were these: Dr. Mercola

Dr. Becker’s excellent video about Digestive Enzymes

Important information

This probiotic is essential when a pet is taking broad spectrum antibiotics. It can be sprinkled on food, or open the capsule and pour the contents into your pet’s mouth. The taste is neutral. This probiotic (or one like it) is essential because it survives stomach acids.

Whenever a pet is given a broad spectrum antibiotic, they require a probiotic to maintain gut health. A human probiotic with bacillus subtilis and bacillus coagulans can work well. These are strains of bacteria which survive the acids in the stomach, so they protect the gut. You can open one capsule and sprinkle on food, or pour the contents directly into your pet’s mouth. The taste is neutral. This article from (National Institutes of Health) explains more about these necessary strains.

To consult Patient Advocate Caren Brodt (not a Veterinary Professional) with an individual consultation for your dog’s digestive problems, Facebook message or email PrayersforPets1 [at] gmail [dot] com there is no charge, donations welcome*.

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