Juju was the most active cat, he’s suddenly lethargic…🤔

Juju used to be the most energetic cat, now he just sleeps. Photo: Shirani Ratnayake

PRAY FOR: Juju 5 yo. Lord Jesus You are aware of this downturn in energy for Juju. We ask that You would help mom Shirani to determine what is causing this change in behavior and nature. If he has had a toxic reaction to worming medication, help him to detox. Please bring his zest for life and appetite back. In the Name of Adonai Rapha. God our Healer. Amen <3 Caren

Shirani Ratnayake 7-17-19: Juju my 5 year old Male cat has got very lethargic, lost appetite and has a very dry mouth and pale nose.shes sleeping all the time and a bit constipated. I wormed all my cats last month. Juju was the most active cat. Pls pray for his recovery.thsnk you.

Exodus 23:24 Do not bow down before their gods or worship them or follow their practices. You must demolish them and break their sacred stones to pieces. 25 Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you, 26 and none will miscarry or be barren in your land. I will give you a full life span.