Maltese died from Coyote attack: “She was my baby. She was like a child to me”

This poor baby was left unprotected when a coyote grabbed her in her backyard. Photo: CBSN

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – There’s a new warning for residents in Middlesex County, New Jersey after a coyote attack turned deadly.

Police in Piscataway say there have been several sightings and now CBS2 has heard from a woman whose small dog was killed.

“Oh my God, I’m devastated. She was my baby. She was like a child to me.”

The emotional woman, who didn’t want CBS2 to use her name, is devastated by the loss of her precious Maltese – viciously attacked in her backyard last week by a coyote.

“She was out on a leash. We went out to get her and the coyote attacked her.”

She says the coyote ran away into the woods, but not before her sweet companion was mauled and horribly injured.

“I took her to the E.R. and she didn’t make it.”

In the aftermath, the Piscataway Township Police Department has taken to Facebook to warn residents of the coyote on the loose.

They say there have been several coyote sightings in the areas of Wynnwood Avenue and Possumtown Road.

Residents in these areas that CBS2 spoke to say they are on edge and concerned.

“It’s pretty scary because I have a little Yorky – a five pounder – it makes me nervous to let him out of the house,” Robin Bellamy said.

Back in mid-November, police at nearby Rutgers University say they had another coyote sighting and a report that someone was bitten by one near the Livingston campus.

Now Piscataway police are warning folks to be on the lookout for the dangerous animals – saying if you see one acting aggressively or out of the ordinary to not approach the animal.

Instead, contact the police.

Credit: CBSN New York