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UPDATED August 2020 with an exciting new app

God’s Word has answers to ALL of life’s challenges, but you need to pour it into your mind in order for you to grasp the treasure of wisdom it holds.

Today is the perfect time to start with the “DailyBible” app. It takes you through about 15 minutes of reading from 4 different portions of Scripture so it’s well rounded. I love to let it read aloud to me in the mornings while I eat breakfast. The app is automatically set up to take you through the whole Bible in a year. You may choose your favorite version of the Bible in this app.  It is a free app on Android only.

General Bible App for iPhone and Android

iPhone: YouVersion app iOS above is the icon

Download YouVersion app on your phone. There are many Bible study plans you can peruse here . I find that site to be confusing with too many choices.  The best through the Bible in a year plan I can find for iOS (similar to Android’s simple Daily Bible app above) is the Navigator’s “Discipleship Journal Reading Plan” (If that link doesn’t work try this one: alternative link) What I like about this plan is that it draws from 4 sections of the Bible daily, giving a broad overview of the Bible as a whole while not bogging down in more tedious passages. You may choose the version you prefer in this plan; which is another reason to love it. Most versions can be read aloud by clicking the speaker icon.

I personally have an Android and use the Daily Bible app, but I also keep YouVersion on my phone. It has the capability of downloading an offline version which is handy. If I need to focus on a specific passage not included in my daily reading it is a better app for this purpose. It is also nice to listen to entire books at a time (I frequently find that Psalms and Proverbs have a cleansing effect on those days when your mind needs rest and refreshment).

This free, amazing app is available on Android and iOS

Bible Hub is to me the most amazing resource imaginable. It essentially takes the place of a well rounded pastoral library. I have used it for years by searching the website on my phone. (Google voice aka Pocahontas in our family takes me there quickly). As I was adding to this article today I discovered that an app is also available and I now have it on my phone. Because Bible Hub is such a rich resource it can seem intimidating at first, but it needn’t be. You can choose to use only the things with which you are familiar and bypass the things that seem like too much.

Bible Hub is the equivalent of an entire pastoral library

Multiple study options are available at Bible Hub for free. When I first found this site I was astounded. Although we have the paper versions of Strong’s Concordance and Nave’s Topical Bible, as well as a Lexicon, Interlinear and many commentaries, there is no longer a need to lug these heavy tomes out when I want to do a quick word search. My favorite resources to use are the INT (Interlinear), STR (Strong’s Concordance) and TOP (topical Bible). I also sometimes refer to COM (multiple commentaries)

Bible versions can be selected as well as multiple study options

STR: Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible lists every single word in the Bible in English, Hebrew and Greek. Every word is numbered and the verses where they are found are also listed.

TOP: Nave’s Topical Bible is a resource which allows you to pick any topic and easily find a biblical reference to the topic.

COM: Commentaries. When we were in seminary and Victor was choosing his pastoral library, it was the commentaries that were the killers when it came to price! All of the serious commentaries come in multiple volumes. You needed more than one set so you were not relying on one man’s opinion. Bible Hub gives complete access to dozens of commentaries we never had a hope of purchasing! That said, I rarely go to commentaries, I would rather compare passages to other passages in the Bible itself. Once in a while I will find something that has me stumped and I will consult a commentary or two. How amazing it is to not have to wade through a dusty library to find the right one. They are all at your fingertips in a second!

INT: The Interlinear Bible is probably the tool I use most on Bible Hub. It is a verse by verse Bible which gives the English version along with the Hebrew or Greek, transliteration, part of speech represented and Strong’s Concordance number of each word.

I linked Amazon’s description of each book so you can understand the size and scope of these books and the price. The commentary I selected from Amazon is a 5 volume set of only the New Testament. Amazon’s price today is $203.22 for the new hardcover version. The primo Kyle and Delitzsch 10 volume commentary was a set which Victor aspired to own one day. When we were in seminary it cost close to $1,000.00, an unimaginable expense on a young pastor’s salary. It is available on Amazon now used for over $200. Bible Hub gives the world these treasures for free. Please take advantage of it, it may feel like the 1st time you dive into the deep end of the pool, but you will feel a sense of refreshment and accomplishment that rivals that feat.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful resources! Please tell me if you try them <3 Caren

Snowflake likes to infuse herself with wisdom 😁