Our 10th Anniversary was Monday, but FB canceled us 1st

A sample of some of Victor’s original artwork created for the Facebook Page and website from 2018
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As many of you know, we had been faithful to share the Gospel with grace and truth- above all, TRUTH since November 29, 2011 from our Facebook Page: Prayers for Pets1. During the summer of 2020 we had the temerity to continue to speak the truth while lies swirled in the air like a thick blanket of toxic smoke. We did our level best to follow medical developments on the Covid crisis to keep you all informed and healthy. Caren, as a patient advocate for many years with Lyme Disease is well versed in medical jargon. She daily combed the latest research during that spring and summer to determine the best, most effective, and inexpensive treatments as well as prophylactic approaches to bolster our members’ health. The harder we worked, the more we were censored.

July 28, 2020

We warned our audience about the creeping totalitarianism that began in July 2020. After a year of constant harassment by Facebook, they decided to remove our Page completely without notice this September. To those of you who have been with us since the beginning, you may remember that I began to warn you that Facebook did not like us, and they began to try to shut us down the year they introduced paid advertisements to the platform: 2014.

Several times per week this warning came up with no remedy suggested.
By August 1, 2017 we were reaching over 1 million people daily without buying ads from FB

We refused to buy their ads, we were a small Page back in 2014, we did not open a website until nearly 3 years later. I ran the Page and Victor did the artwork, it has all been a labor of love to the pet community. Our sole desire has been to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with pet lovers. As we branched out adding the website and YouTube Channel, we also created Facebook videos which brought our numbers up completely organically (no FB ads). FB watched our strategy and sought to crush us. They began to “shadowban” us in 2014. We watched our popularity conspicuously dip and rise precipitously for no reason time and time again. We knew that we couldn’t count on FB as our sole platform, but did not have the man power to monitor other social sites.

Facebook removed this video within minutes, Vimeo did the same.

We began the website at the end of 2016, knowing that our days on FB were numbered. Unfortunately all of the content we created over ten years has disappeared from FB. Some of the videos were on YouTube as well, but some of our most popular were FB only. This one of Oliver had over 500k on FB and 10’s of thousands on YouTube, but YouTube continues to reduce the number of views as time goes by. Yes, they really do that!!! We have watched it happen in real time😱.

We had worked hard to build the Page, adding the group in 2019 seemed a logical progression. We will continue to maintain the group as long as Facebook allows it, but we no longer have the editorial control over it we once had. When we began the group, it was an adjunct to the Page. When the Page was stripped away in September of 2021, my name as “PrayersforPets1” disappeared from the group along with much of my editorial capabilities. This makes it much harder to monitor and moderate the group. This is why you see me represented as my personal FB name: Caren Zwain Brodt instead of the more familiar: PrayersforPets1. I am doing the best I can. Please have patience; we will do our best to serve you and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for as long as He gives us the capability <3 Caren