Pumpkin has lost her zest for life, mom Sadie is so sad…

UPDATE 2-22-20: Caren I am to tired to post and update and I haven’t really gone on Facebook but 2 things 1. Pumpkin managed to get in to a bag of food and ate half a sandwich when I left her in the car. That tells you how much energy she has not only that but normally I have to pick her up to put her on the bed because she can’t do it by herself. Well I just saw her jumping form the floor to the bed. She is now laying in the bed next to me 🙏🏻

Pumpkin and Hershey (rt) joining mom Sadie during work. Photo: Video Capture, Sadie Cathcart

2 days later:

I don’t know if I am right about this but definitely prayers Were answered.
Pumpkin is awake and very happy. She is begging for tummy rubs and food.
I know that Gods hand is here but I also think that the fact that I was working so much hours wasn’t helping her
I mean I am still working all those hours but now she goes with me. It seems to me like this is playing some part on her behavior. She’s more happy
Prayers for Pets
Yes, this is what I suspected. She was depressed. I’m SO glad she is back to normal. I can see that you’re a lot happier too! God was so good to provide you with a job which enables you to have them with you! ❤ Caren

PRAY FOR: Pumpkin, 12 yo. Sudden Lethargy. Lord Jesus we ask that You would be gracious to put the spark back in Pumpkin’s blind eyes. Help mom Sadie to order her life according to Your precepts. Please give them more time to be together and for Sadie to rest. Thank You that Pumpkin’s Vet cannot find a physical reason for her somnolence. Please return Pumpkin’s zest for life to her. Give her and mom Sadie reasons to rejoice. Point Sadie to Your Word. Help her to rejoice in the salvation which You have freely given her. In the Name of Elyashib. God Restores. Amen. <3 Caren

Sadie Cathcart 2-18-20: Hi Caren I hope you are doing well Pumpkin got a growth in her face and it has been bleeding lately I am going through a lot Caren My mom lost her job and I’ve been overworking yo hell her Pumpkin seems like she had lost energy She’s tired there’s no more energy she looks just so tired All she does all day long is sleep and she doesn’t move much I don’t know why but it feels like we don’t have much time left together I need more time I am not ready

Prayers for Pets
Oh, Sadie. How very sad… the bleeding on her face is horrifying to see. I’m hoping it looks worse than it actually is? It sure does look like she’s winding down. Poor baby has had such a rough life with so many surgeries. What is Hershey up to?
Sadie Cathcart

She loves hotels lol
Pry to God for stronger more years for pumpkin please
Restoration of energy
Prayers for Pets
I will I should post her too It’s Been Awhile. She just looks so sad and pitiful. I can use this picture above. Is she licking her paws? They look kind of red
Hershey looks cute there😘
Sadie Cathcart
These are from a month ago
I take care of her the best I can
Prayers for Pets
She looked pretty spunky there. When did she become lethargic?

Sadie Cathcart
it feels like over the last month
shes at the vet right now getting her face looked at and they put her on meds
the vet told me to give her as much love as i can
and to spend as much time as i can with her
i ugly cried all day

Prayers for Pets
I’m sorry sweetie… so you think that she’s depressed since you haven’t been together much?
Sadie Cathcart
Caren my mom is unemployed. ive picke up more hours. i leave them all day then go home to take them to pee and leave again for about 5 hours then i go home just to sleep. then i leave them on the weekends
Prayers for Pets
Did the vet remove the growth? Is it cancer again?

Sadie Cathcart
they cant
its not cancer
is a skin tag and becasue of the location they cant take it off without putting her under
the vet doesnt want to do that
to her
the vet mentioned pumpkins loss of energy and the fact that she looks lifeless to me today

Prayers for Pets
It sounds like something’s got to give, you can’t keep that pace up forever.
What did the vet say about the lethargy?
Gtg I will watch for an answer when I can💗🙏

Sadie Cathcart
Can i ask you to ask your friends and family to pray also for my mom.
pray that she finds a job. this situation is also getting to me
ive gotten really sick 2 times in the last month to the point that i was in bed
with neumonia. then last week i was unable to walk with gout. i was so sad
I couldn’t even walk my own dogs
I had no help and I was alone
Vet said that she doesn’t know what’s going on with her
That she seems to be comfortable
And that this might be an [indication] of her age

Prayers for Pets
Oh my goodness, Sadie! I’m so sorry to hear this. You are working way too hard. We have our home group tonight to church I will have the group pray for you and your mom.
I need to get going I have stuff to get ready for tonight. I thought you had a church. Where are they? You should have people helping you.

How old is she now? Gtg

Prayers for Pets
Our study group prayed for you and your mom tonight.
Sadie Cathcart
Thank you I am out working right now and it’s snowing pretty bad so I think I’m gonna go back home
I am tired
I feel mentally exhausted like I have too much going on
Prayers for Pets
🤗😘 I hope you can get some rest

Sadie Cathcart
My car broke down this morning I haven’t been doing too good at work I’m over working with the second job my mom being unemployed Pumkins health declining my health down on the floor I feel lonely and sad
Prayers for Pets
Sadie Cathcart
Thank you for the prayers agin
Good night
Pleas pray and post for pumpkin please and thank you