“Pumpkin” the blind Bichpoo may have a 2nd ACL tear
Pumpkin as a shark on Halloween 2018. Photo: Sadie Cathcart

PRAY FOR: Pumpkin 10yo, 2nd ACL problem, mammary tumors. Lord Jesus You know how many surgeries our little Pumpkin has had to endure in her life, we ask that this leg would be healed by adjustment or exercise. Please keep these tumors benign. Keep Pumpkin happy and functional, and help mom Sadie to provide whatever care she needs. In the Name of Adonai Jireh, God our Provider. Amen. <3 Caren

Sadie Cathcart 11-25-18: Hello Caren, giving you an update on pumpkin, she has been limping still on that leg for the last almost 3 months I had told you i took her to 3 different vets and they insisted that pumpkin was fine. I finally went to am actual orthopedic doctor to find out that she has a rupture of the ACL it is now the opposite leg, he didn’t even want to discuss any approach he said he was more worried about pumpkins tumors on the mammary tissue, I told him I had gotten those masses tested and they came back clear, he said he didn’t believe that and he wanted her to be checked again to see if the cancer hadn’t spread, i told him I didn’t think it was cancer since they have been there for a year now, and there has not been any changes in them and the doctor took a sample to send to oncology and the result was good, he insisted I get them re checked and go from there and then consider a 3,500 dollar surgery for her, I told him I’ve heard of other dogs getting better with exercise he said we will discuss that after exams, he said if I wanted exercises I needed to make an appointment with his rehab team so they can give me a routine, I don’t know what to think, honestly I don’t think pumpkin has cancer, specially when the tumors where tested, I also know that this orthopedic animal clinic I took her was fancy, and when he recommended the exams I felt he wanted me to spend more money in his clinic. I am waiting for her regular vet to come back from vacation on the 30th and do another consult, for now pumpkin is using that leg on and on, and the cbd seems to be really helping her, can you out me in touch with that one person who had the ACL rupture and got better with exercise? Maybe she can guide me on the routine? And please post her. Prayers for her please (Cont. below):

Deuteronomy 10:17 For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes. 18 He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing.

(Sadie Cathcart, cont): PrayersforPets1: I’ll see if I can find her, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her on the page. I probably won’t be able to contact her myself, fb doesn’t allow me to contact people who have not been on the page recently.

PrayersforPets1: I hope your instincts are right about the fancy clinic. Either way it certainly doesn’t hurt to wait another few days to see your regular Vet. I’m disappointed the acl wasn’t found sooner though, that should have been an easy diagnosis considering Pumpkin’s history. I will post her, poor baby… Please send me a picture.

PrayersforPets1: Do you have a dog chiropractor in your area? See this post
Vet Misdiagnosed ACL Tear: “Trooper” is now Healed!!! – PrayersforPets1.org
UPDATE: TROOPER. Misdiagnosed. Vet said ACL tear, Chiro healed him. Thank You Lord that You led Valerie to see this Chiropractic Vet who was able to adjust him and correct his limp instantaneously! We are so grateful that Trooper can now walk and function without pain! In the Name of El Channun, God
His mom’s https://www.facebook.com/valerie.oneill.58

Sadie Cathcart: I saw a video of a chiropractor helping with ACL
This is really interesting
Thank you

Prayers for Pets1:

Sadie Cathcart:
3 different doctors where unable to diagnose that ACL
Maybe it was not rupture and it was about to
I don’t really know what happened there

Prayers for Pets1:
After some careful sleuthing I was able to find the dog and mom  Her name is unusual enough you should be able to find her. I think in your situation though, the chiro would be a better way to proceed. Anne, I think was retired and able to be home to do a lot of exercises if I recall ❤ C

“Pumpkin” the blind Bichpoo may have a 2nd ACL tear
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