Rat-poisoned treats scattered on trail in Chicago suburb

Dog owners are skittish in Morton Grove, IL today after 2 dogs ate poisoned treats from Linne Woods trail. Photo: Video Capture CBS2 WBBMTV

The warnings came from a Facebook post written by the Heartland Animal Shelter. The local animal shelter says two dogs are now fighting for their lives.

A Facebook comment on the post above gives information about who to contact:

<Shari Hayes If anyone has additional information regarding this incident, please contact the Cook County Forest Preserve Police – 708-771-1000. It’s my understanding that they are actively investigating this case, but have little to go on.>

Watch Heartland Animal Shelter for updates.

PrayersforPets1 reminds pet parents to watch what your dog picks up on trails and paths. Do not allow them to chew foreign objects of any kind. If your dog has any of the following symptoms; if they are severe, get them to your nearest Vet or Emergency Veterinarian:

Pet MD says: <Common symptoms of toxicosis in dogs include loss of appetite (anorexia), impaired movement, paralysis of the animal’s hind limbs, slight muscle tremors, generalized seizures, and a depression of the central nervous system. Ingestion of extremely high doses may cause a sudden onset of muscle tremors, and even seizures.

Clinical signs usually develop within two to seven days of bromethalin ingestion; however, it is possible that signs will not develop for up to two weeks following ingestion. If poisoning is mild, with minimal bromethalin ingestion, symptoms may resolve within one to two weeks of onset, although some dogs may continue to show signs for four to six weeks.>

Video Credit: CBS2 WBBMTV