Right after her 6th bday, Shelby is told she has inoperable cancer…

Shelby, just after her 6th bday is diagnosed with cancer Photo: Denise Robertroy

PRAY FOR: Shelby, 6 yo. Inoperable Osteo Sarcoma. Lord Jesus, our hearts hurt for mom Denise at this news of inoperable cancer. We know that only You can heal, and we ask for your healing touch upon Shelby and mom Denise’s broken heart. We are asking for a miracle for Shelby, Lord. Please give her the fullest life possible. Help mom Denise to cope with the huge learning curve it takes to get up to speed on available treatments. Our lives are in Your hands, Lord. We know that Your love was great enough to send Your only Son to take our place. May Shelby and Denise feel Your presence and Your love and care today and in the days to come. In the Name of Adonai Jireh, God my Provider. Amen. <3 Caren

Denise Robertroy 8-2-19: I received the bad news this evening from Shelby’s mouth bone biopsy. She has sarcoma cancer😪💦💦💦The vet specialist said because of where it’s at, roof of mouth, there is nothing to do.
And she said if Shelby was her furbaby she would keep her comfortable and let her live out her life😪💦💦💦She also couldn’t give a time frame of death but because it has gotten larger means it’s fast growing which sarcomas do. (Cont. below)

She gave me her private cell number & told me I can call her anytime. She also gave me information on an Alternative Medical Vet in Athens Georgia which I will contact once I clear my head😪💦Thank you to those who have had Shelby in their prayers. It means more to me than I could ever express in words. I’m not sure what the days/months will bring but I sure am going to continue giving Shelby HER BEST LIFE
I attached a video from this evening her & I playing her favorite thing, frisbee🙏🏻❤️🐾
Denise Robertroy
New Member · July 23 at 5:53 PM
Sorry for looooong post❤️🐾
I’m new to the page. Thanks for the add😉My Shelby, 6 years young, is needing prayers🙏🏻❤️🐾it all started on June 4 when I noticed I could see her front teeth without her lips up.
I checked the inside of her mouth & noticed her upper gums swollen. Three days later, Friday, she was in the vet for blood work (all perfect). Vet put her on antibiotics & I returned 3 days later which was Monday. The antibiotics did nothing so it isn’t an infection plus her blood counts would have been elevated. We scheduled for next day, Tuesday, for 3 biopsy’s. Seven days later all 3 biopsy’s returned fibrous hyperplasia. I was thrilled but still not out of the woods. I had to get her in to see dental specialist (DS). Two weeks ago today, July 9, I had her at DS & they did X-rays & surgery. They found her one front tooth was abscessed but still NOT the main issue. When DS removed front tooth she was able to remove some bone/gum for biopsy.
DS sent bone biopsy to a bone pathologist specialist who only does bone biopsies. I was told 2 weeks for results which is today but when I called for results I was told it could be 3 weeks😬I’m a walking, lack of sleep, nauseous zombie🤢🤮😪
Vet office said they left 2 messages today for lab results. They will call lab again in the morning & will either tell me the results, if completed, or give me an idea when we will get results.
I’ve always given my furbabies excellent medical care & Shelby is no exception. I’m not feeling positive about this health issue. Luckily she is eating, drinking & playing as normal & I’m very thankful. Total cost for this issue is $2400.00 thus far & climbing. unfortunately the specialist doesn’t use health insurance just CarePet.
I’m including LOTS of pics so y’all can see what is going on😪

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