RIP Brian, Harvey survivors “Bear” and “Alley” wonder where you went…

“Bear”, Tammey and “Alley” are devastated by the loss of their dad and husband of 31 years. Photo: Tammey Meeks Hoyt

PRAY FOR: Bear 10yo and Alley 13yo, their dad and provider died. Lord Jesus our hearts are broken for Bear, Alley and mom Tammey saying goodbye to her 50yo husband of 31 years. You know how Tammey sacrificed everything to be Brian’s caregiver for the past 4 years as he was in the process of dying  a slow tortuous death. Thank You that they will all see each other again because they all have committed their lives to Jesus, and for the strength You’ve accorded her during this time. We ask that You would fill the empty places in her soul and arms. Holy Spirit pour out on Tammey Your love and comfort as she grieves the love of her life. Provide for her physical needs as they are many. In the Name of Adonai Rohi. God our Shepherd. Amen. <3

“Bear” during better days

PrayersforPets1 has known Tammey Meeks Hoyt and her family since 2014. Brian was put on hospice soon after then, but removed as it was determined that his heart failure was chronic, not terminal. The change in diagnosis did not forecast health to any degree; no, Brian was still dying; just at a slower pace than hospice requires. During this limbo period Brian, Tammey, Bear and Alley became homeless for a time, had no car (in rural TX) and struggled every month to make ends meet. Brian was too sick to have Tammey leave him to work much of the time. God was good to give them more time together; they found a good church and state funded housing. Their life became somewhat normalized in Rockport, TX by 2016.

In January 2017 Hurricane Harvey struck with a vengeance, practically wiping Rockport, TX off of the map. The Hoyt’s apartment building was a total loss. Again they were homeless. They had no choice but to move in with family in an unhappy situation. In 2018 Brian was again officially put on hospice, his death was now imminent within six months. Most of the year was spent knowing that the “sword of Damocles” hung over their heads. Tammey’s health began to suffer, disabling her at times, but she pushed through the pain to serve Brian’s needs. She was all he had. He was all she had, but she lost him a little more each day until November 30, 2018 Brian left her for heaven.

Please pray for Tammey, Alley and Bear. Their only income was through Brian’s disability, they may be turned out onto the streets soon. Please pray that they can return to Rockport where their friends can help them. After four years of constant devotion to one task- Brian’s life; Tammey must begin anew with no income. Click here to help

If you prefer to send a check to the Hoyts, please message me (Caren) or comment on this post.