UPDATE: Animal Sanctuary in SC “dodged a bullet, your prayers worked”

UPDATE: 9-15-18 Prayers for Pets1 reached out to Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary for this interview with Executive Director, Jennifer Middleton: 

Jennifer Middeton: Thank you for your prayers, they have really worked. There has been plenty of rain but no thunder so the animals have remained calm. Thank you so much. The worst of the storm has been North of us.

PrayersforPets1: I’m so glad to hear that, it sounds like you really dodged a bullet. I posted the article and video we ran for your shelter on your Facebook page.

Jennifer Middleton: Yes we did. Your prayers really worked. We have had so many good wishes and prayers from people that I can’t keep up with the emails. Thank you so much.

PrayersforPets1: God was good to answer our prayers. I will let our people know how you’re doing. If they want to help the Sanctuary how can they do that?

Jennifer Middleton: Have them go to the website. If they’re local they can come visit us if they can adopt.

PrayersforPets1: Thank you, God bless you Jennifer.

Jennifer Middleton: God bless you and thank you so much.

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is home to more than 200 dogs and cats riding out the storm
Evacuating these animals, who are sick, elderly and previously traumatized, would be risky
(CNN) Jennifer Middleton is riding out Hurricane Florence alongside her friends Westy, Copper, Duchess, Queenie and Braveheart.


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