Veteran’s missing therapy dog, Tango bolted at fireworks

Tango was spooked by fireworks before dad Timothy could get his leash on. Photo: CBS New York


An army veteran’s dog is missing after being scared off by fireworks.

Tango’s owners say they took their pooch out for a walk in their New Rochelle yard.

Timothy Tamburello says Tango got spooked by a firecracker and took off. He says this is the first time he has run away.

“Tango is definitely not an aggressive dog by nature but he is in survival mode,” Tamburello says. “So I would say the best thing to do now is if you see him to contact either the local authorities or myself.”

He believes the dog may be heading towards Mount Vernon or Pelham.

It is illegal to possess fireworks in New York state.

Credit: CBS New York

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