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Psalm 91:4  He will cover you with His Feathers, and under  His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

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We care about you and the animals in your life. We exist to support pets, pet parents and shelters in your effort to provide the best possible care for all aspects of your pet’s needs.

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If you love animals you will love us.  We are a nonprofit; we’re not here to sell you stuff; which makes our perspective unique and valuable. We are here to provide you and your pets the support you need during difficult times. Please join us. 

A couple of great things in the works coming soon: Now available- Pets, Animals and Heaven; the sure perspective from God’s view, a book, article and video series. Also coming Prayers for Pets: Scripture references. Other books to be made available soon…like the Amazon #1  Series below- Drop a note if interested in these free releases as well (join us, do it today, there will be limited releases available) .

Do Pets and Animals go to Heaven? Yes, Absolutely YES! Answers and Proof. the series is starting; it is free, but you must sign up in order to get on this list.  Click- mention “Heaven” in comments.

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Jack the Dog Amazon #1, Award winning book

Pet Art! We can create these personalized items pictured below.  The items are digital images on products purchased for below retail prices. We ask that you consider a donation for the custom design artwork service involved. (Image of Jack the Dog on this book cover is an example of the quality of the artist we use)

Items pictured below vary in price and are all under $35.00, but special sizes or instructions can add to the cost. You must be a member of the page (“like” on social media and sign up to the website) to make an order. Membership is free. This is for personal use only*;  this offer is limited and at our discretion.

To Order: Sign up then send quality images for evaluation. We will respond to your orders in the order we receive them with arrangements for follow up made via email.

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Pet Art

More details will be made available soon; an exact price list will be posted as many item costs are much less than mentioned above. Non artwork products, such as vitamins, and pet health items will be sold as well for the lowest negotiated prices we can find- a small amount will return to the nonprofit, to help the page cover some basic costs.  Please  go out of your way to use our links; it helps to keep us giving out to many for no charge at all.

Artwork will be property of the artist and organization, for any possible exceptions there must be special and clear agreement along with acknowledgment from us in writing. We are open to special projects; we love to help good causes.

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