Karma vs Christ

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Tim Keller in discussing his book, Walking with God through Pain and Suffering in speaking about Karma, tells us-

 Karma says that if you’re suffering you always personally deserve it—it’s because of something you did in another life. And so if you aren’t suffering, it must be because you lived well in the past and earned your current pleasant life. Readers of the Bible will recognize this as the view of Job’s friends, a view that God condemns. The Bible’s perspective is that suffering is not distributed according to the relative moral deserts of people. Good people don’t all have more pleasant lives while bad people all have more difficult lives. That’s not the way of things. “A poor man’s field may produce abundant food, but injustice sweeps it away” (Prov. 13:23). And so because Scripture makes this claim, it is less flattering to non-sufferers. Biblically, you cannot assume your good circumstances mean God is pleased with you. It may be his way of judging you, allowing you to perish in your complacency. And biblically, you cannot assume that if you’re suffering it’s a direct chastisement for some wrongdoing. See John 9 and the whole book of Job.

Victor Brodt states: [Karma] means that in the next life or the life after that something happens, you will you get what you deserve. In modern-day America we “insta-fi” it. We love to see a bully get his just deserts all in a 30 second video. Even more we love see the bully who bullied the bully,  get bullied. But realistically life just doesn’t happen that way. We don’t see it all work out. Earthly justice has never been that way. If justice worked that way, the whole world would come down like one big Domino set.

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Again and again in circles You can argue that Jesus is not who he says he is. That’s a given. It is rather silly. Because he’s the only one who has come back from the dead, who has legitimate claim with miracle after miracle. He tells us you live once. It’s over. Then God brings Justice. It’s perfect. It’s fair. It’s final. You can argue,  you can play games and try to ignore him, make up your own terms. But You will not be able to put it off for another lifetime or three. That lame excuse just will not work. But one idea behind Karma will hold true. Justice will occur. It will not take a million lifetimes or even work like today’s “insta-view”. God will decide with perfect fairness. In your life it will be over in less than half a million hours from now. Guaranteed. You will see it.
You can pretend that the end of your life is out there in some vast unknown time. But it is not and it will happen all too soon. And your excuse for ignoring God and the good things he has designed for you will fall to the ground. It will be over. No Karma just eternity. It will be spent in your choice of:
being at war with God,
shaking your fist at God,
 alone and angry…
or at peace with Him.
Don’t wait on Karma it will never happen. Find peace with Him,  not in the next life or the life after that but today. In Jesus,  ask him now